Interior car protection
21 Feb 2023

The Benefits of Interior Car Protection

Looking after the interior of your car is just as important as the exterior. Similar to cleaning the inside of your house or apartment, you should take pride in your car interior to ensure it’s a nice, fresh place to be when you’re travelling. 

If you want to keep your car in its best condition, as well as car paint protection for the exterior, you should speak to your local GardX Dealer and consider protecting the inside of your car, also known as the interior. We discuss the benefits of interior car protection and why it’s worth the extra cash to keep your looking and smelling fresh.

What is interior car protection?

car fabric protection demonstration

Car interior protection is designed to protect the fabrics and leather in your car from spillages and staining, ensuring your interior stays in showroom condition.

It is an invisible layer of protection applied to your interior that protects against liquid spills, stains, dirt, grease, oil and general grime. We know accidents happen, so interior car protection ensures you’re as protected as you can be when they occur.

The invisible barrier applied to your interior also helps benefit the leather or fabric of your car and ensures it stays in its healthiest condition, protected against your children’s breakfast when you’re running late for school.

Is interior car protection worth it?

Yes, interior car protection is worth it. It helps safeguard your car's interior from wear and tear such as spills and stains. It can extend the lifespan of your vehicle, maintain its resale value, and enhance your overall driving experience.

Similarly to external car paint protection, there aren’t many scenarios where interior car protection isn't worth it.

If you’re one for doing lots of driving, whether short journeys or long, your car’s interior will be more likely to be at risk from stains and spillages through general use on the road. If you want to guarantee your interior stays as clean as possible at all times, we’d recommend interior car protection.

If you have pets or young children that travel in your car often, we’d recommend interior car protection to ensure that your car seats are safe from any mishaps or food stains.

If your interior is light in colour, either the seats or dash area, we’d recommend interior car protection as the lighter colours are hardest to clean and show up stains that darker colours may not.

If, in general, you’re one for keeping your car in top condition, we’d recommend interior car protection. You may way to keep it in top nick to not risk reducing the resale value, or simply because you love your car. Either way, interior car protection is worth the extra investment.

Interior car protection from GardX Protect

GardX Protect offers an extensive range of Interior Car Protection products, straight from your local GardX supplying dealer, if you decide that interior protection is the right choice for your car.

Stainguard Fabric Protection

invisible protective barrier for car interior

StainGuard is designed to keep your interior fabric looking fresh, while protecting it from the harsh realities of life – such as liquid spills, dirt, grease, oil and grime. It consists of a bead-like formula that coats your fabric with an invisible barrier, meaning any substances that can stain the fabric can be wiped or vacuumed away or they simply pass through the fabric without leaving its mark. Stainguard Fabric Protection means your fabric seats are ready for anything.

Leatherguard Protection

car seat leather protector

Leatherguard Protection from GardX Protect moisturises and maintains your leather interior whilst also protecting it from stains, dirt and spillages. Its invisible coating allows for a breathable barrier that allows the leather to look healthier for longer, ensuring your leather seats are as classy as the day they came out of the showroom. The coating allows you to wipe off any marks without them remaining, as we know how frustrating a leather stain can be.

Contact you local GardX Protect dealer

It's clear interior car protection is a worthy investment if you want to keep your car fresh and clean all the time.

Contact your local GardX Protect dealer to find out what they can offer you in the way of interior car protection packages.

Exterior Car Paint Protection is also a worthy investment if you want to keep your car in showroom condition.

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