benefits of car paint protection
06 Feb 2023

The Benefits of Car Paint Protection

If you’re one for keeping your car in brand-spanking new condition, you may be considering paint protection for your beloved vehicle. In this blog we discuss what it is and why it’s worth the additional investment on your car.

What is car paint protection?

Paint protection is a highly resilient coating applied over the top of a car’s paint to protect it from the elements and other damaging substances. It is a transparent, invisible protective layer applied very carefully in the form of a ceramic coating.

Paint work on cars can take a beating from things such as abrasive dirt and grime, road and sea salt, detergent, tree sap, acid rain, the sun's UV rays and of course, bird droppings. Paint protection ensures that when your car’s paint comes into contact with these, it isn’t affected and it can continue looking showroom worthy.

Paint protection ensures that small defects, such as stone chips and scratches, are less common. It also means that the vehicle is easier to clean and polish, and you can spend more time admiring your car glistening in the sun.

Is Car Paint Protection worth it?

We’re not sure of many situations where Car Paint Protection isn’t worth it.

Your car can be new or old, well used or a weekend driver, either way, if you’re one for keeping your car’s paintwork showroom worthy, we’d recommend looking into paintwork protection options.

If you tend to do lots of driving, or if you do less but your car is very special to you, we’d recommend paint protection to protect it from general wear and tear over time that can affect your lovely paint job.

If you park your car outside overnight with no cover, especially under trees, we’d recommend paint protection, likewise for those who park their car indoors but maybe in an area where dust is quite present, as a good paint protection coating will allow this dust to fall straight off and not affect the paint job in any way.

Lastly, around 90% of cars nowadays are purchased on PCP finance, and with most lease agreements, to ensure you pay no extra at the end of the contract you need to keep your car in fantastic condition. So, paint protection ensures you retain the maximum equity in your car.

Car Paint Protection from GardX Protect

GardX Protect offers an extensive range of Car Paint Protection products, straight from your local GardX paint supplying dealer, if you decide that paint protection is the right choice for your vehicle.

GX1 Paint Protection

Providing four layers of paintwork protection, GX1 has been proven in some of the world’s harshest environments. It provides a high gloss showroom finish, ensuring your vehicle stays in showroom standard for the entirety of your ownership. Lifetime guarantee included.

CX2 Ceramic Vehicle Protection

Designed to shield your paintwork from common pollutants, CX2 offers a highly resilient ceramic coating, again keeping your vehicle in showroom condition everyday. Offers great protections against bird droppings and other everyday substances, alongside having a lifetime guarantee.

MX2 Matte Paint Protection

Designed specifically for matte paintwork, MX2 features an organic polysiloxane ceramic technology, it provides an invisible layer of protection so your vehicle's paintwork is protected from common pollutants. It ensures your matte paintwork keeps that unique finish for years to come.

On top of these Car Paint Protection products, we also offer Glassguard Glass Protection and a range of interior Car Protection products, to ensure the rest of your car stays clean and protected throughout your ownership.

Visit our news page for other useful GardX Protect insights, and view the full range of our products for Car and Motorcycles here

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