Car engine

Introducing a range of aftermarket products for professional application by an  authorised GardX dealer. 

Fuel Additives

As vehicle manufacturers increase the required periods between services, lost performance, increased fuel consumption and the probability of increased emissions are all too common. GardX specialises in formulating and creating products that improve the economy, performance and efficiency of both petrol and diesel engines.

Fuel Additives
Car engine
Engine Flush

GardX Engine Oil Flush restores oil circulation, extends engine life, improves economy and reduces harmful emissions. It works under pressure to clean oil ways and oil galleries and cleans all areas where oil circulates. It also removes gums, tars, varnishes, sludge, carbon and corrosive acids from the crankcase, galleries, oil ways and piston rings. It is suitable for use in both petrol and diesel engines, and is recommended for manual gearboxes and differentials. 



Air-conditioning Cleaners

Untreated vehicle air-conditioning systems can lead to the cabin air that you breathe causing streaming noses, sore throats and runny eyes.

GardX air-conditioning cleaner combats and eliminates the source of bacteria, viruses and stale odours that can circulate in a vehicle’s air-conditioning system. It helps to prevent the build up of harmful germs, algae and bacteria that propagate in the air-conditioning system’s evaporator and ductwork. It also deodorises a vehicle's interior, and eliminates stale, musty odours.

Car parked up

GardX TyreGuard is an essential safety device for your car, allowing punctures to be temporarily repaired in order to drive the vehicle to a safer location or to a professional repair centre – just connect, depress the actuator and TyreGuard will re-inflate the tyre and repair the puncture. 

Manufactured using a special latex foam formula, TyreGuard will seal most puncture types. If the tyre is repairable, then the environmentally-friendly water-based foam sealant can be washed safely from the tyre and the repair made by a professional. TyreGuard will not repair blowouts, bead leaks or faulty valves.

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Customer reviews.

This is my third car I’ve had Gardx on well worth having the protection for paint and interior as it save’s you a lot of money an keeps your car looking good


This product was applied to my new vehicle and I wouldn’t use anything else. Easy to use fast acting and generally a very good product and I’m actively recommending.

Richard Barlow

This is a brilliant product to protect one's car look. I have used this product since purchasing our cars with amazing effects. It surpasses any regular brand in the Market for cleaning & polishing cars.



Rapid short-term repair solutions for your damaged tyres.

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Choose the pinnacle of interior fabric and leather protection.

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Safely remove germs and bacteria from your vehicle.

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