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21 Nov 2023
GardX unveils EVerity

GardX has continued its programme of new product launches with the unveiling of GardX EVerity, a product suite specifically for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs). This is an industry-first innovation and like no other solution in the UK market created in partnership with global battery specialists, Altelium.  

Designed to build consumer confidence, open new revenue streams, and ultimately drive successful sales of BEVs, EVerity comprises of an innovative battery health test, online reporting portal, battery health certificate, and supporting suite of warranty products designed specifically for electric vehicles.  

GardX EVerity was created to deliver holistic benefits to dealers and end consumer. Its launch is being heralded as a crucial step forward in building trust and transparency around the health status of used electric vehicle batteries. 






“Dealerships are facing a dilemma. There are more than two million battery-electric vehicles on UK roads, with many of them reaching the end of their first ownership lifecycle. So, although electric vehicles might only represent up to 5% of a dealership’s used vehicle stock today, that ratio will soon increase dramatically, presenting huge opportunities to dealers that are ready to adapt.  

For twenty years we’ve been helping dealers to unlock those growth opportunities and drive profitability, and we believe GardX EVerity, fills an essential void in the market. It will create a new USP and new revenue stream for dealers, whilst enhancing their brand reputation by giving certainty over the value of the vehicles they’re selling. Crucially, it will also provide used car customers with confidence around their battery health, and offer a choice of an industry-leading warranty for further peace of mind.”  

Market insights gathered by GardX have revealed that aftersales revenue opportunities for servicing of electric vehicles are typically 33% lower than traditional ICE vehicles. The launch of GardX EVerity will help dealerships to address this income shortfall, creating a unique and future-proof source of aftersales revenue, regardless of where the consumer originally purchased their vehicle.  

The GardX EVerity test is conducted through Altelium’s proprietary platform, which combines data modelling from multiple sources including real-world battery performance to assess the current and future health of each battery, with the battery state of health recorded as part of its EVerity certification.  


“Our independent battery health tests, certificates and warranties break down the barriers to buying BEVs. Battery anxiety inhibits the used EV market, which has a knock-on effect to the new EV market too. By resolving this anxiety through an independent battery health test and certificate, combined with the peace of mind extended warranties give, we have unlocked this inhibitor to the EV transition.”  

Unveiled as part of GardX's disruptive ‘Transformation at Twenty’ campaign to celebrate its 20th anniversary, the new EVerity test, certification and warranty products have experienced unprecedented early demand.  


“Everybody benefits from these new products, the dealerships, the consumers, the environment. There have certainly been blocks in the road to electric adoption but now uncertainty about battery health and range for second-hand vehicles is no longer one of them.  

The launch of EVerity continues a history of industry firsts for GardX, and, together with our partners at Altelium, we’re already committed to a future pathway of new developments and enhancements, and are proud to be bringing a much-needed and totally independent mark of confidence to the market for used BEVs. It’s a real solution, born from real innovation, to solve the real challenges facing dealers today and tomorrow.”  

For more information about GardX EVerity, please visit www.gardxprotect.com/everity or contact GardX via email [email protected] 

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