Paintwork protection


Protect your pride and joy.

Preserve that showroom look whilst protecting your paintwork against fading, oxidisation and common harmful pollutants.

GX1 Paint Protection

GX1 provides your vehicle's paintwork with a highly-resilient transparent barrier coating, designed to protect against harmful pollutants. Featuring four layers of paintwork protection, GX1 has been proven in some of the world's harshest environments, and provides a high-gloss showroom finish – enhancing its future resale value. Not to mention that you might never need to polish your car again! And it all comes with a lifetime guarantee.

CX2 Ceramic Paint Protection

CX2 ceramic vehicle paintwork protection offers highly-resilient transparent barrier coating, shielding your paintwork from common pollutants – even delaying the effects of bird droppings. It means your car will look just as good as the day it drove off the showroom forecourt, which will enhance any future resale value, and is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

MX2 Matte Paint Protection

MX2 is engineered to protect matte paintwork. Featuring an organic polysiloxane ceramic technology, it provides an invisible layer of protection so your vehicles paintwork is protected from common harmful pollutants. It all means your vehicle's paintwork will look as good as new for years to come, and preserve its resale value.

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Cosmetic Maintenance Plan

Cosmetic Maintenance Plan provides SMART treatments to the bodywork of your vehicle maintaining it as close as possible to the condition in which you purchased it. All treatments are guaranteed for the lifetime of your ownership of the vehicle.

Key Product Benefits

Nanotechnology forms a highly resilient transparent coating from harmful pollutants
Delays the effects of bird droppings and permanently resists attack
Protects vehicle exteriors whilst retaining that ‘showroom shine’ wash-after-wash
Shields against the effects of the UV rays, acid rain, sea and road salt

Customer reviews.

This is my third car I’ve had Gardx on well worth having the protection for paint and interior as it save’s you a lot of money an keeps your car looking good


This product was applied to my new vehicle and I wouldn’t use anything else. Easy to use fast acting and generally a very good product and I’m actively recommending.

Richard Barlow

This is a brilliant product to protect one's car look. I have used this product since purchasing our cars with amazing effects. It surpasses any regular brand in the Market for cleaning & polishing cars.



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