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Interior protection products designed to protect interior fabrics and leather from spillages and staining. The ultimate protection for your vehicle's interior.

StainGuard fabric protection

StainGuard is designed to keep your interior fabric looking fresh, while protecting it from the harsh realities of life – such as liquid spills, dirt, grease, oil and grime. The high-tech formulation coats each individual fabric fibre with an invisible barrier, meaning any liquid spillage will either bead up on the fabric surface, ready to be wiped or vacuumed away, or it will simply pass straight through the weave without staining.

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LeatherGuard protection

LeatherGuard is a breathable treatment engineered to nourish and moisturise your leather interiors, while ensuring a natural look and feel is maintained. It provides an invisible coating that shields against stains, dirt and liquid spills.

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Key Product Benefits

An invisible barrier that protects fabric against liquid spills, dirt, grease, oil and grime - StainGuard
Liquid spillages bead up ready to be wiped away, or simply pass through without staining - StainGuard
A breathable treatment that nourishes and moisturises the leather - LeatherGuard
Shields against stains, dirt and liquid spills - LeatherGuard

Customer reviews.

This is my third car I’ve had Gardx on well worth having the protection for paint and interior as it save’s you a lot of money an keeps your car looking good


This product was applied to my new vehicle and I wouldn’t use anything else. Easy to use fast acting and generally a very good product and I’m actively recommending.

Richard Barlow

This is a brilliant product to protect one's car look. I have used this product since purchasing our cars with amazing effects. It surpasses any regular brand in the Market for cleaning & polishing cars.



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