15 Oct 2021

GardX win two prestigious awards at the Virtual Car Dealer Power Awards 2021.

GardX International are delighted to announce that they are the winners of not one but two Car Dealer Power Awards 2021.

GardX picked up Paint Protection Provider of the Year and GardX AD-Vantage B2See took home Video Provider of the Year.

This is the 7th year running that GardX have won Paint Protection Provider of the Year – ultimate testimony as to how strong their Vehicle Protection System products are perceived in the automotive marketplace.

Amanda Massey, Head of Sales at GardX International, collected the award and said: ‘We’re absolutely delighted. 

‘I think this is our seventh year in a row we’ve won and we’re absolutely thrilled about it and it’s all down to our amazing customers who voted for us.’

‘As a business we’re always looking ahead to see how we can support our clients and give them what they need, be that better services or platforms to engage with their customers. We also have great people who work for us.’

Watch the Paint Protection Provider of the Year winner announcement here:

GardX AD-Vantage are pleased to have been awarded the Power Award for Video Provider of the year 2021 after taking the award home in 2020. The team at GardX AD-Vantage have continued to offer first-class video solutions to the industry.

Billy Coutin, Director at GardX and B2See, said: ‘We’re really pleased and excited to have won this award.

‘We were thrilled to win last year, but there’s a saying in sport that winning a title is great but retaining it is what really counts.

‘I think from our perspective, we’ve looked at video in a slightly different way.

‘It’s not just been about capturing and sending videos. It’s certainly a big and important part of what we do, and we’ve seen it become even more important with Covid and remote selling.

‘However, I think the innovation behind the product is what has really set us apart, and the fact we help dealers sell other products such as finance, insurance or paint protection, as well as using it for the marketing. 

Watch the Video Provider of the Year winner announcement meant here: 

If you would like to know more information about our award winning products, please get in contact today via [email protected].

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