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04 Nov 2022

The GardX Guide - A Step by Step Guide to Washing Your Car

Washing your car – a task that seems so simple. However, using improper techniques and tools will cause damage to your vehicle’s paint. 

Want to get maximum benefit out of washing your car? Here is our step by step GardX guide. 

Our preferred method is to start with your wheels and tyres first. This is because if you splash dirt from your tyres on to your vehicle you can simply wash it off afterwards. 

We recommend using an alloy wheel cleaner for this step. GardX Alloy Wheel Cleaner quickly and efficiently removes stubborn deposits on alloy wheels without the need for excessive scrubbing. Once applied, agitate with a wheel brush to clean the wheels without scratching. Wash each wheel and tyre at a time and rinse thoroughly for full effect.  

Now for the main event…

Always rinse your vehicle fully before you begin washing in order to remove any loose debris. 

Wash your car with a sponge which is paint safe. We recommend using a GardX Chenille Wash Mitt or a Jumbo Sponge.

Now you’re ready to wash 

Have to hand two buckets, one bucket filled with GardX Wash and Wax and the other filled with clean warm water. The use of two buckets will prevent swirl marks on your paint. 
If your vehicle is really dirty, consider applying a concentrated solution of shampoo using a hand pressure sprayer and leave to soak for a few minutes as this will make the dirt easier to lift.

Begin washing at the top of the vehicle with your chenille wash mitt or sponge and work your way down. Remember that the lower panels are always the dirtiest.
Don’t forget to always rinse and reload your sponge in order to prevent any dirt or grit going back on to your car. Consider using a grit guard within your bucket to avoid any loose debris in the bucket going back on to the wet sponge.

For stubborn spots, such as dried bird droppings, we advise using GardX Bird Dropping Remover. It neutralizes acidity and enables the droppings to be removed quickly and easily before any lasting damage occurs to your paintwork.

Rinse your vehicle thoroughly once cleaned however do not dry just yet… 

Whilst wet, we recommend applying GardX Conserver, it is designed to rejuvenate and maintain peak condition of the paint protection. Add the conserver to clean water and apply with a soft sponge to all of the paintwork. The conserver is attracted to the surface of the paint and will begin to bead and shed water. When complete, simply rinse with clean water and leather dry. 

A GardX Synthetic Chamois Leather or a waffle texture micro fibre drying cloth are both suitable for drying your vehicle. GardX Micro Fibre Cloths can be machine washed to ensure that any dirt particles are removed afterwards and this also helps prolong the life of the cloth.

Want a quick fix?

GardX Dry Wash is a convenient, quick alternative to traditional shampoo and water.
The formulation lifts dirt from the paint surface without scratching and provides a natural streak free lustre in seconds and leaves no sticky residues. 

Spray dry wash lightly onto the surface and wipe away any dirt and dust. Buff with a clean GardX Micro Fibre cloth for a deep shine, for optimum results treat one panel at a time.

GardX Top Tips

  • Never wash your car in direct sunlight, pick a shady spot – water evaporates faster on hot cars which can leave water marks.
  • Use an inline de-ionising water filter to prevent water spots. 
  • Wash off marks such as bug remains and bird droppings as soon as possible. These bio-hazards contain acids which penetrate and break down the surface of your car paint if not removed. 
  • When washing your car don’t forget to clean the door, boot and bonnet shuts as dirt and water can gather there and drip down dirt to mark clean exterior bodywork.
  • Remember your car may be clean after its wash but never skip drying. Drying your vehicle after washing will prevent water spots. 
  • Never use washing up liquid as a shampoo for your car, it generally contains salt which will damage your cars paint. 
  • Invest in a micro fibre cloth– these offer lower friction and greater efficiency for fast, effective washing and rinsing. 

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