Ceramic Paint Protection - CX2

When you go with GardX Protect, you're going with an award-winning, industry-leading range of vehicle protection and maintenance solutions. Designed to delight your customers and drive your growth, and keep your customers’ vehicles looking showroom-worthy, inside and out.


CX2 is the world-famous ceramic vehicle protection system from GardX. With multiple awards and a lifetime guarantee, CX2 offers highly-resilient protection for vehicle paintwork and interior fabrics – ensuring a pristine finish, inside and out.

Designed to distinguish your dealership, delight your customers and drive more growth.

When you go with GardX, you are going with Car Dealer’s Paint Protection Provider of the Year – for the ninth year in a row.


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The importance of paintwork protection

A vehicle’s paintwork is prone to degradation – common pollutants, road debris, malicious damage, time related wear – all pose a risk. But with GardX, your dealership can help minimise the potential for damage, and preserve your customers’ paintwork for years to come.

CX2’s ceramic formula helps protect a vehicle’s colour, as well as the inevitable damage that comes with vehicle ownership. It provides a highly-resilient and transparent barrier that protects paintwork from common and aggressive pollutants, such as acid rain, tree sap, salt, bug splatters and bird droppings. It all means that your customers can enjoy that showroom shine, wash after wash.

CX2 Ceramic Protection - Protect Their Pride and Joy
Protect their pride and joy

CX2 gives your customers the opportunity to protect their investment. Its advanced ceramic coating leaves an ultra high-gloss finish that endures, which reduces the need for your customers to wax and polish their vehicles.

The formula reduces adhesion from road debris, which in turn minimises the risk of cosmetic marks and damage, such as chips and scratches.

CX2 is not only a resilient coating that protects against common risks, it also delivers enhanced kerb appeal with its high-end finish.


CX2 is a professionally-applied treatment, designed to bring enhanced durability to your customers’ paintwork.

Our award-winning formulation utilises an organic polysiloxane monomer to wrap the paintwork in a high molecular weight ceramic film. This layer of protection is applied in two-stages. This process builds a durable barrier that shields against common risk factors.

The advanced-coating penetrates the minor imperfections on the surface of a vehicle’s paintwork, to create a protective, cross-linking bond. The result is a non-stick, water-repellent surface with an ultra-hard, high-gloss finish that not only looks fantastic, but performs at a superior level.

See how it works in the video below:


CX2 is more than just paintwork protection – it’s a system. Enable your customers to enjoy a vehicle that’s pristine inside and out, with the CX2 family.

As well as paintwork protection, the CX2 system also includes fabric and glass protection as standard. You can explore our StainGuard and LeatherGuard pages, as well as learning about the safety benefits of GlassGuard and TyreGuard.

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CX2 - Powerful Ceramic Technology
Protect Dealership Woman

“These products provide our customers with significant value, peace of mind and further protects their investment. GardX provide us with world-class account management services, including access to technology for post-sell opportunities and regular training, coaching and best practice for our employees.”

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Protects against fading
Repels pollutants
Reduces debris adhesion
Enhances showroom shine

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